Sep 30, 2013

do. Good September

It's September and I'm finished with my September do. Good blocks! I know, shocking. Even more shocking is that I finished them a week ago! Yay me! It feels pretty awesome to be caught up on blocks after getting so far behind. I'm not much of a procrastinator and hate having stuff hanging out on my to do list.

This month's blocks were log cabin blocks done in pink with a yellow or orange center. They were so quick and fun! And another excuse for me to buy fabric because my stash is extremely lacking in pink fabrics.

Sept do. Good blocks #quilting  #dogoodstitches

If I had ended up as mama to a little girl, that probably would have been changing already, but I think I should go light on the pinks since I have a little boy. I know, gender stereotyping, but I don't need a bunch of strangers telling me what an adorable little girl I have if he has pink stuff. People have a hard enough time telling what sex a baby is with gender neutral colors so I don't think it hurts to help them along. :)

Sept do. Good blocks #quilting  #dogoodstitches

It was fun to break out into a different color scheme for these blocks. I love blues and greens and coincidentally almost all of the blocks I've made so far have included those colors. They made it easy to shop my stash, but it's nice to make something different.
I'm looking forward to seeing what's on the schedule for October!

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Jenn Maruska said...

Those are very pretty. : )

I admire your get-it-done skills!

I have more of a start-it-then-get-distracted skill. ; )