Nov 11, 2013

do. Good October

Things may have been quiet on the blogging front lately, but it hasn't been all quiet on the crafting front. In fact, I'm so far behind on blogging that I did actually finish my October do. Good blocks in October!

October's blocks were paper pieced and they gave me some problems but overall they were fun to make. We used this tutorial in teals and grays.

Once I got into the swing of things, I was moving along pretty quickly. One night before dinner I really wanted to finish at least one of the two blocks and I achieved my goal! I admired my block, and basked in the glow of having one block finished and the other more than halfway done.
Then I put it up on my design wall and something seemed off...
Sewed the block together wrong the first time. Grrrr...
Hmm, something feels wrong. Let me look at the example again. Groan...
October #dogoodstitches #quilting
Notice something different about these two blocks? Yeah, I sewed the first one together wrong! The gray triangles go to the inside, not the outside! I was incredibly annoyed and kind of worried that I wouldn't be able to reuse the blocks because you use such short stitches for paper piecing. I was worried the fabric would tear.
Fortunately after some sleep and a few hours away from it, I was able to convince myself that it wasn't such a big deal and I should definitely be able to successfully rip the seam out without ruining the block. And I did.
October #dogoodstitches #quilting
I made sure to pay close attention when I sewed the second block together so there'd be no more mishaps. I love how complicated these blocks look even though they really aren't that difficult. I think the final quilt is going to look amazing!

Oct 3, 2013


I LOVE autumn. I'm sure I've mentioned it once or twice before, but it bears repeating as we once again move into the awesomeness that is the next few months. Granted, this week is a little warm but I relish warm fall days because I know they won't stick around for long.

There are many many things I love about fall, one of them being curling up under a blanket and working on a project. Right now that project is finishing up the crotcheted blanket that I started a few months ago.

Fall crocheting

I desperately want to start a new project, but I'm not letting myself until I finish this blanket because I'm getting really close. And I already have enough yarn projects laying around unfinished so I hardly need another one. Hoping I can wrap this up soon so I can dig into the pile of yarn I've already put together!

Oct 1, 2013

Mystery Blocks

Here are some more blocks I recently made for a project that has to stay a secret for a little while. They were another round of quick and fun blocks to make that I finished in no time. I love the bright and cheerful colors, which remind me of spring, although I'm perfectly happy that fall is here.
I made these blocks following a tutorial we used for do. Good blocks earlier this year. I like how these turned out better. After I finished the first round, I learned that I like more variation in the width of the strips, which I think makes the blocks a little more interesting. I love that this design quickly makes four blocks and there a lots of variations to how they can be laid out. I think I might have to make some more of these!

Sep 30, 2013

do. Good September

It's September and I'm finished with my September do. Good blocks! I know, shocking. Even more shocking is that I finished them a week ago! Yay me! It feels pretty awesome to be caught up on blocks after getting so far behind. I'm not much of a procrastinator and hate having stuff hanging out on my to do list.

This month's blocks were log cabin blocks done in pink with a yellow or orange center. They were so quick and fun! And another excuse for me to buy fabric because my stash is extremely lacking in pink fabrics.

Sept do. Good blocks #quilting  #dogoodstitches

If I had ended up as mama to a little girl, that probably would have been changing already, but I think I should go light on the pinks since I have a little boy. I know, gender stereotyping, but I don't need a bunch of strangers telling me what an adorable little girl I have if he has pink stuff. People have a hard enough time telling what sex a baby is with gender neutral colors so I don't think it hurts to help them along. :)

Sept do. Good blocks #quilting  #dogoodstitches

It was fun to break out into a different color scheme for these blocks. I love blues and greens and coincidentally almost all of the blocks I've made so far have included those colors. They made it easy to shop my stash, but it's nice to make something different.
I'm looking forward to seeing what's on the schedule for October!

Sep 13, 2013

4 Months

I meant to post about my favorite little guy at 1 month, 2 months and 3 months, but somehow time got away from me. 4 months isn't passing me by though!


Adam is such a joy to have in our lives and he's a great baby. He has his days, of course, but overall he's made the transition to parenthood surprisingly easy. He's very laid back and mostly a happy little guy. He's growing by leaps and bounds and showing more of his personality every day.
Right now he's at the stage where he loves to suck on his hands. Or ours. Or anyone who's holding him. He's not very discriminating when it comes to that :) He tends to be quiet when there are other people around, but he recently learned how to screech and is more than happy to illustrate to us that his vocal cords work quite well! He'll smile and giggle if we smile at him and start laughing. I don't think there's much that beats the sound of happy baby giggles.
I'll try not to let another 4 months pass before he makes another appearance here!

Sep 12, 2013

do. Good August

The blocks that just went on and on and on are FINALLY finished! I can't even describe how happy I am to move them to the finished pile. They were a test of my patience, but I'm pleased with how they turned out and I think the final quilt is going to look amazing. And I'm even happier that I'm not the one making it! :)
Despite testing my patience and not enjoying the process at times as I was working on them, it was still a positive experience. One of the reasons I joined do. Good Stitches (the charitable aspect of it being #1) was to push myself to try new things and this certainly accomplished that goal. If I'd been making these for myself, I'm 99% sure bits and pieces would be sitting in a UFO pile right now.

August do. Good blocks finally done!! #quilting
Instead, they're done and I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. They aren't perfect, but I know a lot of the flaws are probably things only I can see. I'd like all the points to line up, which they don't, but some did line up beautifully and I guarantee that wouldn't have happened when I first started quilting.

August do. Good blocks finally done!! #quilting

Next up are the September blocks, which are modern log cabins that should be quick and fun. I've already started laying out the fabrics and I can't wait until I have some time at my sewing machine.

Sep 4, 2013


Good grief...the August do. Good blocks are quickly becoming my least favorite quilting project ever. We were given a flying geese tutorial and at first I was excited because I've never made a flying geese project.
Then the reality of this particular block set in.
64 scrappy 2" x 3.5" blocks to cut. 132 2" white blocks to cut. Diagonal lines to draw on all 132 white blocks. Sew a white square to a scrappy rectangle, trim to 1/4" seam, press, repeat 131 more times. Sew those into pairs of 2, 2 pairs to 4, 4 to 8, 8 to 16. Two blocks = the finished product. So.many.steps.

Super tedious quilt blocks #quilting

Add to that a super busy month and, no, my blocks aren't done. All my geese are done and a little over half the pairs. At least things will go a lot faster now. Still not a fan though. If I make flying geese again they'll definitely be on a MUCH larger scale.

Cut, sew, iron, repeat #quilting

Can't wait to move this project to the finished pile! I have lots of other things I want to work on and this one is monopolizing all my sewing time!

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